Procession / Street Performance / March


The “DRK Spielmanns- und Fanfarenzug Rückers” is completely in its element on the street. 

     Marching compositions are complemented by jaunty entertainment and a military uniform. 

The musicians have two parts of headwear for the uniform. A hat in blue and red with a white feather for

street parades and a white cap with red and golden decoration for the music show. 


festival procession of the Oktoberfest in Munich / Germany

Sport- and music festival in  Bad Hersfeld / Germany

Music and show

March show at Neuhof / Germany


Whether the performers draw attention to themselves by forming a wavy line or by walking in a circle,

the audience is bound to cheer. Also, drum solos and songs have been integrated between

the various musical numbers, so that there is no break in the DRK SFZ Rückers musical performance. 


Some videos from performances in Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium can viewed under Videos.