1. Kassierer und Webmaster Michael Jahn

finance manager Michael Jahn 

Have we roused your curiosity?  Do you need more information? Would you like to book us? 

 We’d be glad to answer your questions or  to send you an information packet (available in English and in German),  and a DVD of our band.  

Please come into contact with us! 

We look forward to you.


1. Vorsitzender Gerhard Schäfer

chairman Gerhard Schäfer

1. Stabführer Thorsten Müller

music director Thorsten Müller

 DRK Spielmanns- und 

Fanfarenzug Rückers e.V.

D-36103 Flieden 


 (About 20 km to the south of Fulda

in the state of Hessen)

 Tel: +49700 - SFZRUECKERS

+49700 - 73978325


1. Schriftführer

office manager Helmut Heil